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Female Puppy German Shepherd Dog (mixed)

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Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

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About Leia

Adoption Fee: $450.00

Luk & Leia BIOS

These two cuties are Luk and Leia. They were found wandering around a used car lot off of the Eastex freeway and immediately stole their foster mother’s heart. They were about 11 weeks as of their vet visit on July 9th where Leia weighed in at about 19 lbs and Luk at 25 lbs. They’re favorite games are currently bitey-face and keep away with the toys, and they have started to figure out how fetch works. They both can get a bit snippy over food and high value treats so it’s recommended to feed them separately at this time. As they come to realize that food is not scarce, they will hopefully outgrow the resource guarding tendencies.

Luk, the puppy with more tan coloring, is the mellow and independent puppy. He picked up potty training like a champ and will get in his crate easily for feeding times. He doesn’t like his crate yet because he’s scared he’s missing out on the excitement.  He loves to play with his sister but is just as happy chewing on a toy on his own. He is curious about cats but will bark if they hiss or run away from him. This little boy is smart as a whip and ready to start some basic obedience training. He’s also learning that everything he finds is not a toy, particularly not his foster mom’s slippers, but he responds well to “no”. He is going to be a beautiful big boy with a great laid back attitude.

Leia is mostly black with a white chest and a little bit of tan in her feet. She has the biggest personality and wants to be the center of attention. She’s starting to understand potty training and has made great progress in the last week. Leia craves companionship and will do best in a house with another dog. Leia will go into her crate for food but is still learning that she won’t be abandoned when she’s left in the crate. She wants to be next to her person all the time and always wants more love, hugs, and kisses. She’s a little hyper with cats and is learning not to bark or chase them. Leia is smaller and sleeker than her brother but is full of love and energy. She will be the best cuddler and most loyal companion to a lucky family.



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Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

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