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Pappy (LOVS)

Male Chihuahua

If you have any questions about Pappy (LOVS), please contact Paws Across Pittsburgh at

Paws Across Pittsburgh

About Pappy (LOVS)


Pappy was an owner surrender to the rescue. PAP didn’t receive much information, but it’s believed that he came from a bad situation due to his wariness of people and the fact that he is slow to trust. He has made a great deal of progress with his anxiety and is learning to trust people and feel safe. He is terrified of children and doesn’t always like to be picked up unless he initiates it first.

Pappy can be slow to trust new people in the home and can be a bit defensive, until he learns that he is safe and loved. He begins to show trust and will initiate more contact, then he learns to fall in love with new people. He will allow people to pet him, hold him, and rub his belly once he finds them trustworthy. He loves attention! Once comfortable, he likes to be the center of attention and will have no problem taking in all the love and attention that he can be showered with!

Pappy enjoys relaxing on the sofa or in his bed, cuddling or sitting with family on the sofa, sun bathing and spending time outside when the weather is nice. He does enjoy occasionally playing with toys and other dogs. He often carries his favorite toy with him and takes it into bed with him. He loves blankets and likes to bury and hide in the blanket to take naps.

Pappy is in the LOVS Program (Lifetime of Veterinary Support) with Paws Across Pittsburgh and will continually receive donor support towards his veterinary expenses!



Pappy (LOVS)
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