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Male Baby Domestic Shorthair Tabby

If you have any questions about Dewey , please contact A Voice for All Paws at

A Voice for All Paws

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About Dewey

Dewey was born to cuddle. When it comes to snuggles and naps, he is a pro!

Dewey is a pretty quiet guy. He enjoys romping and running with his siblings, but he is most content to nap away the days. If he has someone to snuggle with or a warm place, he is one happy guy.

Dewey does great with the other cats in the house and has been curious when the larger dogs have come to visit. Dewey is tolerant of kids picking him up and toting him about. All in all, he is one chill cat. If he is near people, he is happy.

Dewey will make a great addition to any family. He is sweet and loves to cuddle. If you are looking for a calm kitten to hang out and chill, Dewey is your guy.

To meet Dewey or one of his siblings, complete the application link.  




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A Voice for All Paws

Foster based rescue Dallas TX 75228

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Celeste (female, approx 2 years old) is the mother of Skylar. Celeste is a petite girl, taken in as a stray the day she gave birth.  She... show more

Celeste (female, approx 2 years old) is the mother of Skylar. Celeste is a petite girl, taken in as a stray the day she gave birth.  She was a very tolerant mom to her rambunctious babies. But now that they’re grown and adopted, Celeste’s own personality has come through.  She’s very timid at first, but equally curious. When given time to adjust, she will eventually make her way to you to sniff your hand and give you a head nudge of approval that you may scratch her head.  She LOVES to have her head and back scratched!  That is how you win her over for sure.  In fact, she will even go crosseyed if the head scratches are just right.  Celeste is only about 2 years old, but plays so silly you’d think she was younger!  There’s definitely plenty of “kitten” in her!  She’ll need a proper introduction to other pets, but will be just fine with them.  She hasn’t really been around young children, but she is so mild mannered I couldn’t see her having any problems.  In a house full of frenzied cats at dinner time, Celeste sits patiently to the side while I put down everyone’s plates.  She is a perfect kitty!  She is bonded with her daughter Skylar.  These two were originally adopted together, but were returned a couple months later when their new family unexpectedly had moved out of the country show less