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Ellie Mae - Fostered in SE Nebraska

Female Young Beagle Hounds (All Types) (mixed)

If you have any questions about Ellie Mae - Fostered in SE Nebraska, please contact Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland at

Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland

About Ellie Mae - Fostered in SE Nebraska

Adoption Fee: $350.00

I’m Ellie Mae. I weigh 35 pounds now.   I am a long-legged hound with beagle blood and short ears, and pretty eyes.  Somebody docked my tail long ago.   

I think I would really like some kids.  I might be a little bouncy for toddlers.  A toddler visits my house and I do OK with her but she is my only experience with tiny ones.  I’m quite gentle, though.  I do love to snuggle and cuddle as well as play.  I will sleep on the floor by the bed, but if somebody would let me sleep on the bed I would be much happier! 

I am house trained and somewhat kennel trained.  I bark when first put in a kennel then settle down. I eat all my meals in the kennel because I am food aggressive with other dogs.  I now get put in the kennel before feeding time commences.   When treats are brought out, I am either given a treat in another room or given multiple treats so I always have one.  It is during the waiting that I get aggressive. I was emaciated when I was rescued, so it is not surprising that I’m very food oriented.

I think I like toys, but another dog in the house thinks all toys belong to him and I don’t argue about it. But I am definitely interested in squeaky or furry toys.

Other than when food is around, I get along great with other dogs. There are medium and small dogs in my foster home.  A little 7-pound poodle likes me a lot and we tussle and run around together.  I was a little rough with her at first when she joined the household a few months ago, but she cried and ran away.  She came back for more play though and I quickly learned how to be gentle with her.  Now we are backyard buddies.

I walk OK on a leash and like to get out. I do OK going for drives, too. 

I don’t know anything about cats.  I don’t bark at squirrels with some of the others, so I may be OK.  I just don’t know.  I hear they are kinda scary.

When I was first rescued, I had heartworm disease and also Lyme disease.  I have been successfully treated and now am sleek and happy. I am spayed, chipped, and up to date with my shots. My adoption fee is #350 and you can apply to be my family at



Ellie Mae - Fostered in SE Nebraska
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Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland


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Dillon - Fostered in Omaha


Whaddya mean I’m not a beagle?  Hey, I’m Dillon and I, sigh, am a husky mix.  How did I end up in a beagle rescue?  Husky, shmusky I am... show more

Whaddya mean I’m not a beagle?  Hey, I’m Dillon and I, sigh, am a husky mix.  How did I end up in a beagle rescue?  Husky, shmusky I am a beagle in my heart.  Well, I was an add on with a beagle that was saved from a rural pound.  Then I got sick but I am feeling great now and ready for my forever home.  So, a little about me.  I am about 6-7 months old and 25 skinny lbs. My foster mom is working on fattening me up.  We are also working on sit, pottying outside and sharing.  Sometimes, because I was so hungry, I don’t like to share snacks.  Currently I eat in my crate and I am learning to wait for my snacks.  I am also working on sit, not counter surfing, and walking on a leash, which I have to say, is my favorite.  What else do I like besides snacks and walks?  I LOVE to play with my foster sibling Dorothy.  We have SO much fun!  I also like hard bones, tug of war with anything and stuffies.  I am crate trained and working on my house breaking.  Unlike most beagles, I am not much of a barker.  When I am done playing and wrestle I like to snuggle up and watch a little baseball.  If you are looking for a friend for a life time of adventures you fill out an application at  Ask for Dillon- like the hus-ski resort!  Lol! Dillon is up to date on his shots, neutered, hw-, and microchipped.  His adoption fee is $350. show less

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Ellie Rose - adoption pending


Ellie Rose is one of the 8 testing lab beagles we rescued in April.  She really has come a LONG way and is ready for a forever home.  Th... show more

Ellie Rose is one of the 8 testing lab beagles we rescued in April.  She really has come a LONG way and is ready for a forever home.  The beagles are smaller most around 20 pounds and between 2-4 years old. What a fun dog!  Ellie Rose had a different life now that she is no longer  used for medical testing. She loves toys, including stealing them from her brother and sister at her foster home.  Ellie Rose plays well with the other dogs in the home. She will race circles around the other dogs to get them to play.  She loves to go on walks and does well on the leash.  Ellie Rose has been around a 11 and 13 year old and does great.  She has not met a cat but says she would be interested to see what the fuss is about. She is doing very well with potty training and is down to 1 accident every 2-3 days.  Which is amazing since up until April she had never been outdoors! When stressed, she pants.  Ellie Rose settles down within a few minutes.  She is still learning about the world outside of a lab so her new family will be patience to let her explore at her pace. Ellis does not do well in the car.  She will get sick. Since she has only known love and care from her foster mom Ellie is very attached to her foster mom.  She gets anxious when the foster mom leaves.  She loves to sleep with her foster mom.  She goes in her crate when her foster mom leaves.  Ellie doesn’t care much for treats (weirdo), but she loves her food!  She is working hard on her manners, and occasionally needs to be reminded to stay out of the garbage, and to not put her paws on the table when there is food on the table. Ellie Rose loves to be outside and relax in the sun on the deck.  She is currently using a dog door, but also goes through the sliding glass door. At times she will stay outside for a while. She is fully vetted including spayed, microchipped and all shots are up to date. Ellie Rose is fostered in the Omaha area with an adoption fee of $350. If you're ready to explore to show Ellie how wonderful life outside a cage is please apply for her at!  show less

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Fido - fostered in Springfield MO


“A Classic Name for a Classic Dog" “A Classic Name for a Classic Dog" Fido is a 5 year old hound mix, an amalgam of breeds we like to ca... show more

“A Classic Name for a Classic Dog" “A Classic Name for a Classic Dog" Fido is a 5 year old hound mix, an amalgam of breeds we like to call the “All American” or “Heinz 57" dog. He was rescued when his owner was incapacitated, and no longer able to take care of him. For the past couple of years, he has essentially been feral, wandering the countryside, always in search of his next meal. Despite all that, he is a remarkably well-adjusted fellow. Fido is fully housebroken (which is somewhat amazing), and has learned to tolerate being crated during the day. He is crated because he is an escape artist, and can jump a short fence. He would prefer a home with a tall fence. He is currently allowed outside while on a tether, and tolerates this well. Though he has had a ruff run of luck, Fido has a very sweet disposition. He gets along great with his foster home's resident dogs, has shown no food aggression nor resource guarding behavior. He has not been around either children or cats in his foster home, so his tolerance for them is currently unknown. He is learning to cuddle, after being somewhat stand-offish. After failure to gain weight, it was discovered that Fido suffers from pancreatic enzyme insufficiency, which means that he cannot properly digest and process food on his own. However with the use of a daily pancreatic supplement added to his canned food, he is able to digest well, and he is now a normal weight. Fido is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered and microchipped but could still use some meat on his bones. He will make a fantastic loving addition to the right home.  Hisadoption fee is $350 and an application can be filled out at show less

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Molly - Fostered in Omaha


My name is Molly.  I am a sweet, petite beagle girl with doe-eyes and a gentle spirit. My beagle voice is soft and expressive -- I can s... show more

My name is Molly.  I am a sweet, petite beagle girl with doe-eyes and a gentle spirit. My beagle voice is soft and expressive -- I can say so many things!!! When you rub my tummy I say “ Ohhhhhhh … that’s nice….”  When I snuffle in the grass and find a bunny trail I REALLY CELEBRATE and let everybody know how clever I can be!!! My favorite things to do are easy.  Inside, I like to follow the people-pack around and gaze at them.  The things people can do are so amazing!  I send “I love you” messages with my eyes all the time, just in case they forget.  I am eager to bond with my new fur-ever family so we can send love messages to each other! Outside I am a different girl altogether!  I am an awesome tracker --you won’t believe how good I am!!!  I love to play in the grass and explore the woods.  Because I am petite and an amazing tracker I can fit through the smallest of spaces.  So off-leash I need a very, very secure space.  Leash walks are fun too!  I am polite and comfortable around people and dogs (I haven’t tried other kinds of pets yet).  Dog parks and daycare are fun for me too! My prior home didn’t have a fenced yard and I got attacked by coyotes.  It was very, very scary so please make sure my play yard is safe.  I am all healed up now. You wouldn’t even notice. It hasn’t slowed me down at all.  One thing I should tell you … I still get very, very small and flatten my body if you reach for me from behind.  It doesn’t make me angry at all -- just shy and afraid.  I like it best if you reach for me from the front so I can see you first.  I am a very good beagle girl and love to be praised.  Treats are okay but petting me is THE BEST!!!   I have learned to wait patiently at the door for potty time, I have perfect house manners and will love it if you can find cozy, snuggly spots for me to call my own.  I know I will learn your house rules very fast, and can’t wait to show you what a loving, big-hearted girl I am!!! Molly’s adoption fee is $300 and you can apply to adopt her at show less