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Female Puppy German Shepherd Dog (mixed)

If you have any questions about Dova , please contact Douglas County Canine Rescue at

Douglas County Canine Rescue

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About Dova

Adoption Fee: $475


I need a single family home with a fenced in yard since I require lots of physical and mental stimulation!

The Daring D Troop
We are the Daring D Troop! We are 7 super girls led by Brother Doman (the only male and white pup)  We are GSD mixes and ready to conquer the world!  We came to CO by ourselves but found a safe home with 2 other foster brothers and 2 foster sisters. 
We were born on February 1st, and came to CO on March 31st. Since then we have been having tons of fun with our foster brothers and sisters.  Since there are 8 of us, so we quickly established a potty area and sleeping area. But our foster mom sometime says we like dancing in our poo – she is pretty quick to get off her laptop working after we go an start dancing. hehehehe
We did come to CO with mange, and most of us have our fur back, which make us really pretty and really soft. We just got fixed on April 14th, So we can’t have a bath until the 24th. Foster mom has been giving us sponge baths – We like those better, we try to help her by taking the cloth and showing her where to clean. 
Brother Doman is the daring of us all. He was the first to figure out the secret opening when foster mom opens the pen to clean and discovered the out doors! Is it always wet in Colorado? Today he got yelled at by Foster mom because he figured out a way 3 times to climb out of our pen. Hehehehe The first and third time she found him on the love seat. The second time he climbed the pen to get our foster brothers porcupine stuffed animal.  We were cheering him on each time!  She locked down the climbable area’s of the pen now – so no more fun climbing for him. But she allows us to go outside while she cleans the pen. Some of us stay inside and make an adventure of the puppy room, others of us go with the older fosters and venture outside to the deck. Some of us are learning to potty out there too! 
Since we don’t know our mom or dad, we don’t know how big we will be, but one thing for sure, we will love you forever.



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Douglas County Canine Rescue

300 E Miller Ct #1514 Castle Rock CO 80104

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0321167 My name is Cathy and I am an 8 year young 10.5 lb chihuahua mix. I just finished raising my last litter and am ready to permanen... show more

0321167 My name is Cathy and I am an 8 year young 10.5 lb chihuahua mix. I just finished raising my last litter and am ready to permanently retire from this whole mom thing. My foster mom is pretty sure I was used as someone’s puppy producer for a long time. But even so I still love people, well women that is. Men kind of scare me. I have a foster dad everyone keeps telling me is a nice guy, but I am not convinced. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t bite, after all I am a lady. My weapon of choice is the deep growl or the bark. I would really love to find a quieter home where if there are men they will understand I need time and patience to accept them. My foster mom is great though. I love sitting on her lap or licking her face. I’m good with kids of all ages too, but a lot of noise scares me. I get along with all the furry foster siblings in the house too, but I am not a big rough houser. After all I am 8 and have been there done that with who knows how many of my puppies. As far a potty training goes, well I’m not. I am trained to go on potty pads, but if I can’t find them a nice soft rug will do. I am learning to go outside, but this will take time. I really prefer a good clean potty pad in a nice warm house. If you think you are the person that will love on me and keep me safe during my retirement years I’d love to meet you. show less