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Male Adult Dogo Argentino

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About Gotti

Adoption Fee: $400

This sweet, goofy boy steals hearts wherever he goes! Gotti is new to our rescue, so we're still learning about him. He came to use as an owner surrender by way of a local animal shelter. He is 21 months old and a ball of energy! We have affectionately dubbed him as the 'dogo missile' because he will launch himself at your chest when excited. While he does know basic commands, he tends to forget his manners when he's overly excited or sees his favorite people. He also likes to affectionately nibble fingers, necks and earlobes. Because of this, he would do best in a home with no children.

He LOVES sticks and all toys. He currently lives with two other females and has shown no dog aggression. He would do well with a companion close to his energy level. As an active boy, he will need daily walks and exercise to help keep him stimulated.  

Due to a previous trainer's unorthodox training methods, Gotti has developed food aggression and kennel reactivity. Since he is new to rescue, we will be closely monitoring this to determine the level of reactivity. He does well with treats and hand-feeding, but is reactive when he sees his handler preparing his food/holding the food bowl. Gotti must go to an experienced home.

Located in Maryland, but transport can be arranged for approved homes.



1 years, 10 months
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Dogo Argentino

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Meet our handsome Binx!! We reached out to his fans to get him a new name because they were calling him "Cracker" at the shelter. So Binx was named by our of our supporters (Kim) after a character in Hocus Pocus! In the movie this charater was a daring, brave, and determined character.  These traits fit our Binx as well along with the fact that he is a mellow male with medium energy who enjoys spending time with his human.  Binx loves going on walks and car rides taking in all the scenery and scents.  He is a shelter survivor and we don't know much about his past and he appears to be may  6 years old. Binx is very well behaved and is a wonderful male ready for a home looking for the perfect companion.  Randomly he gets the zoomies and is very proud of when it makes his people smile! He is a gentlemen and we know there is a perfect home for him.  We don't know how he is around other dogs yet but he loves the adults in his life and has a laid back attitude willing to be trained by the trust of his handler.  Binx really loves going on new adventures and the outdoors!  If he could just explore all day he totally would. He was definitely a hog hunter in the past and still seems interested today.  We would love to see Binx in a home that has the ability to let him continue his love for being outside in his element. We do think he will aclimate to a home very well as long as he has fun outdoors. He has a lot of great energy and in really good shape considering how he was when we first got him! This dog is going to make the best companion to whomever is lucky enough to have him! show less

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Dogo Argentino

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Adoption in Process! Hey! My name is Chaplin aka Chappy! I am a 2 year old Dogo Argentino that is looking to find my forever home! I’m a big goofball and still working on my manners. Currently I am in Lakeland, FL and looking for a forever home. I am a little bit of work but I will make up for it with lots of hugs and kisses.  My first couple of years have been rough and I am trying to figure out my place and how to properly socialize with other dogs. I like other dogs and even like the house cat! My problem seems to be that sometimes I decide to be dominant and cause problems. I want to play and enjoy playing but then my excitements goes too far. Often this happens when pups are taken from their litter too early (before 8 weeks) and/or the pup didn't get enough socialization practice. I am still young enough that we think this is something that can be trained and would need a home able to work on this and keep dogs separate when not supervised. Here in Lakeland the foster really loves me and would love to keep me but I take it too far with her sweet older female dog when we are playing. I even play with a couple friendly male dogs and was good with them! I just don't know how to continue proper play and we need to work on it!  Everyone thinks it's best that I find a home with a yard where I can run to get out my energy while working on my socialization.  I recently completed my heart worm treatment and now slowly I am getting exposed to more things. I seem to be interested in cats but a proper introduction may be best. I am good around other dogs but seem to do better with lady dogs. I’m working on my introductions with people as I’m kind of judgey. Some people I just love right away others I need to be around you for a little bit. I’m not aggressive just vocalize my opinion. But I have made massive improvements with this and I even do good at the vet office! I seem to warm up to woman quickly but some men I want to get to know more over a little bit of time. I am an awesome eater and do not turn down my food or snacks. I am a giant love bug and looking for someone who likes to be active but also spends time as a homebody. If you’re not looking to adopt, please share me so my new family can find me! My perfect home would have a big fenced in yard for me to play in, and no kids under 10 years old - I'm just too clumsy and I wouldn't want to knock anyone down!  I really am a total love bug and shown to be so sweet to my foster mom.  She really loves me alot and I've been so nice to her too! show less