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Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue

, Denver, CO, 80209

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Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue is a non-profit, all volunteer group in Colorado. Our small group consists of people who care for the homeless, abused, and unwanted Boxers. Ho-Bo Care tries to find permanent and caring homes for these animals. ​ Our boxers come from shelters that need help, homes where they can’t stay at anymore, or from the streets. Often these animals are starved, sick or neglected. They need food, medicine or medical treatment and sometimes basic training. Mostly, however, they need an owner who is willing to give the necessary attention to the animal. A Boxer is a dog who especially needs human companionship. He needs to be included in the family to be a happy dog. Ho-Bo Care agents try to assure the rescue Boxer such a home. ​ To do our rescue work we spend a lot of time on the phone as well as on the road. All Ho-Bo Care Agents are volunteers and many of us have full time jobs outside of the rescue work we do. The costs of caring for the dogs include food, shelter, and medical care as well as advertisement costs and website costs. As the costs are increasing, we have to ask for donations to be able to continue our work. All the money goes back to our rescue Boxers, either directly or indirectly. Ho-Bo Care also tries to help people with advice when they encounter a problem with their Boxer. We try to educate people who intend to breed as well as offer advice to those who feel they need to give up their dog. Every dog that can stay in his own home is another dog saved. We try to educate people about the Boxer and its needs. Our members inform interested people about the necessity of yearly vaccines, vet care, training, feeding, and overall care for their Boxer. ​ Many people do not believe that the Boxer needs our protection; this is mostly due to ignorance. Breeding by owners with no experience nor the necessary information has lead to an overpopulation of the Boxer. Spaying and neutering is still not a common practice of the average pet owner who may have never visited a shelter and the seen the misery of these animals. More and more purebred animals end up in shelters because the owners either don’t want them anymore or are unwilling to pay the shelter fee to retrieve their pet. Many owners believe that if the dog is placed in a shelter that it is sure to find a home. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. As much as the shelter may try to find homes, it also has a limited space to keep all the unwanted animals. In order to place the newcomers, others are killed. In order to help out at least our breed, we have founded Ho-Bo Care. It is a small step to help some animals in need. "We are Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue with an emphasis on Care and Rescue" - Marita, Founder and director

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Hi there!  My name is Babette, I'm 3 years old, and I’ve recently learned about this whole work-from-home gig people are so excited abou... show more

Hi there!  My name is Babette, I'm 3 years old, and I’ve recently learned about this whole work-from-home gig people are so excited about.  It makes sense to me!  Homes are amazing!  I’m hoping to find my own home too, with humans included, of course.  Looking for a co-worker you’d like to see every day?  Look no further!  Since my new family and I will get along and love each other so much, it would be great if we could be together most of the time.  Even though I can’t wait to get into my new home, I also love being outside!  If I could pick my dream home, it would include a yard.  It would also be great to have a family that likes to go on outdoor adventures while also showing me the ropes about how to behave while out and about.  Leashes take some getting used to!  If you’ve already got a fur-family member, he might be able to help teach me a thing or two also.  Luckily, I’m super smart and catch on quickly- I don’t even have to be bribed with treats.  I’m crate-trained and will sleep in there at night, but if you have a comfy bed, I would love to sleep in it with you!  By the way, my nose has been described as boopable and kissable- what a combo! ********PLEASE READ BELOW PRIOR TO EMAILING IN********** If you are interested in adopting this dog or any other from our rescue, please go to to review our home requirements and fill out an application. Please do not email and ask for more information on how to adopt, all the information is already available online. The information you see here is all that is currently available about this dog. No boxers are adopted without a completed application and home check. Thank you! show less