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Mother Gaia Animal Rescue

PO Box 711, Lafayette, CO, 80026

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Thank you for choosing adoption. We are a volunteer based animal rescue.

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Hi. Please apply at Thank you for applying to adopt! We are a small, all volunteer group who doesn't have the man power to handle the volume of calls and emails and to update every single applicant who applies. If you are chosen you will hear from us. If we need more information while your app is being processed, you will hear from us. If it has been over a week and you haven't been contacted then your app has not been chosen. We cannot answer every email if your application was denied and you have questions. We try to change the animals' status quickly once an animal is adopted. Because our adoption process involves many steps, an animal can still be pending for up to a week. If it doesn't result in adoption then we will look back into their applications and contact another runner up. We are playing match maker with the animals' needs in mind. If your application isn't chosen it doesn't mean it was denied, but could be it wasn't the right fit for what we know about that animal. We will try to pair you with another animal. Also if an animal has many great applications we sadly can only choose one. We will also try our best to find another animal that could work in that case. Every question in this application is asked on purpose and for good reason. If you feel the application is too long or too intense you do not have to submit one and can try another organization or shelter.

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Domestic Shorthair

Larry is a super sweet, exquisitely shy fella. He will be nervous and scared for sure when he moves to his new home. He is like my infor... show more

Larry is a super sweet, exquisitely shy fella. He will be nervous and scared for sure when he moves to his new home. He is like my informer, a little lieutenant. He fetches me so he can show and tell me about all the goings on at fosterkittycity. He comes up to me or waits for me to go and see him whereever he needs to show me something, looks me in the eyes and then shows me what he wants. He notifys me about all the weaknesses in my outdoor cat fencing. He looks at me, makes sure I am watching, then jumps over the webbing. Then looks at me to say: "Better fix that foster mama!". Then he gets down so I dont have to worry about him. He lets me know when I am late to feed the big boys. He sauters into the kitchen, sits by his bowl and gives me the little look with his pink nose pointed towards my face for attention. And he gets the attention. Who could resist that little pink nose!!! He took 2-4 weeks to be fully comfortable to roam around my home. Each step he took towards trusting me and the safety of fosterkittycity was sweet to witness. Larry and I are looking for an adopter that will be happy to take it slow and be patient with him. Perhaps even an adopter that will enjoy Larry’s process towards trust and the ultimate reward: his beautiful love. This tuxedo boy is so handsome, sweet, nervous, and shy in a really adorable way. He is mostly looking to be some mature family's one and only guy. Larry does well with my extremely gentle big resident cat so it's possible he could be adopted into a home with one other pet given a particularly special and gentle situation. We can tell he wants to play and snuggle but is a bit nervous in a busy foster home.  He is on a raw rabbit diet and is happy and healthy and would very much like to continue that diet in his new home. Since transitions to new homes are scary and overwhelming, his new parents would hopefully be committed to honoring his current diet during his transition to his new home and perhaps open to committing to his diet long term as it seems to be working great for him! He has excellent litter box skills and is neutered. We estimate he is about 3 years old. Do you want to meet this adorable guy? Fill out an application here by clicking the adopt button: Check out the video of him snuggling and enjoying some pets.  This cat is fostered at fosterkittycity!  Their journey is chronicled on facebook ( and instagram ( show less