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Mother Gaia Animal Rescue

PO Box 711, Lafayette, CO, 80026

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Thank you for choosing adoption. We are a volunteer based animal rescue.

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Hi. Please apply at Thank you for applying to adopt! We are a small, all volunteer group who doesn't have the man power to handle the volume of calls and emails and to update every single applicant who applies. If you are chosen you will hear from us. If we need more information while your app is being processed, you will hear from us. If it has been over a week and you haven't been contacted then your app has not been chosen. We cannot answer every email if your application was denied and you have questions. We try to change the animals' status quickly once an animal is adopted. Because our adoption process involves many steps, an animal can still be pending for up to a week. If it doesn't result in adoption then we will look back into their applications and contact another runner up. We are playing match maker with the animals' needs in mind. If your application isn't chosen it doesn't mean it was denied, but could be it wasn't the right fit for what we know about that animal. We will try to pair you with another animal. Also if an animal has many great applications we sadly can only choose one. We will also try our best to find another animal that could work in that case. Every question in this application is asked on purpose and for good reason. If you feel the application is too long or too intense you do not have to submit one and can try another organization or shelter.

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*no apartments*   Bishop is a great size dog. His mix is a bit of a mystery. Bishop is roughly 7 years old and from our best guess is a... show more

*no apartments*   Bishop is a great size dog. His mix is a bit of a mystery. Bishop is roughly 7 years old and from our best guess is a Beagle, Terrier mix weighing about 35 lbs. Pictures of him are deceiving because he looks much bigger but he is a pretty petite dog. He is microchipped, fixed and fully house trained. Bishop ideally needs a home where he’s: • The only dog, or with smaller dogs, preferably. He loved our Pomeranian but was sometimes scared of groups of larger dogs or in-your-face dogs. He has done well with larger dogs in our home (never on leash) but was never a fan of dog parks.  • A home without cats. Cats, squirrels and rabbits are practically all the same in his eye and will be chased. • A home without small children. He’s perfectly accepting of older children, adults, groups and every stranger [ not a great security dog ] He finds children very scary and did bite the toddler in his home after being chased- ultimately leading to his rehoming.  • Able to be active but also lounge around to his heart’s content. He gets spurts of energy but is a very chill, old soul. • Accepted as either big spoon or little spoon because he’s a professional cuddler.  • A home with a great cook because he hates the sound of the fire alarm and one where pillows are abundant because he takes comfort pretty seriously. Bishop loves a good nap on furniture but he also knows ‘no.’ He is allowed on some of our furniture and not others and fully abides, he hates his kennel but can be trusted when away from home (never chews, scratches, barks or counter hops).  You can also look at our old Instagram account @sabestagrams for more insight into this quirky, loving dog who is sure to win over someone’s heart as he did ours. Bishop just wants to love and be loved back show less