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DC Dogos, Inc

Nationwide Foster Based Rescue, Tampa, FL, 33619

Shelter Description

DC Dogos Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to saving the lives of Dogo Argentinos in rescue. We strive to make sure Dogos are properly placed in new homes and provide the support needed for success! Our organization is all volunteer based and not one person draws a salary for the work we do. The funds raised go towards routine and emergency vet care, major medical care, training, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, spay/neuter, medications/supplements, transport, and some administrative overhead costs. We treat each dog in the rescue like our own and never deny them of any care needed to make them happy and healthy! Although we love bringing dogs into the rescue, we also like to offer resources and options to homes in effort to keep the pet with their family. Our experienced volunteers are dedicated to helping dogos in any way we can and we all appreciate the support from the community to make sure every dogo has a home!

Areas Served

DC Dogos rescues and adopts Dogo Argentinos across the continental US. We have also rescued dogos from Puerto Rico so our network is extremely wide and we have amazing directors, staff volunteers, fosters, transporters, and supporters to help us be able to accomplish this! Currently we do not adopt out of the country for a couple of reasons. One is that we want to avoid putting rescues on and airplane and another is that we do not have the time and resources to this in the best interest of the dog. Our rescue is fully committed to our dogs and our decisions are based on what is best for them. We do adopt all over the US and help arrange ground transport at little to no cost so if you are interested in a particular pet we suggest you submit an application and we would be happy to speak with you! Follow us on Facebook and reach out to us if you have any questions!

Adoption Instructions

Our adoption process was developed with the best interest of the dog in mind. We strive to make our dogs adoption home their forever home and want to be sure they never feel abandoned again! In doing this we require a thorough application from you for us to review. Then we will do a public background check along with calls to verify vet and person references. If we feel the home is a good fit for a rescue dogo we will schedule a call, possibly two calls! Next, we do a home visit to make sure the home is a safe place for one of our dogs. If you don't get approved, please don't take it personal! This doesn't mean you are not a good dog parent whatsoever, it just means that at this time we don't have a dog that fits you and your lifestyle based on the years of experience we have in rescue and with the breed. Dogos are a wonderful breed but we urge anyone interested to dig in and do a lot of research before deciding if they are a good fit for your home. They require a lot of attention and training with them never ends! Boundaries must be enforced and they often need reminders as they push past boundaries you set! Dogos are loving, kind and gentle but don't mistake that for weakness because they are equally powerful and intense as well! Everyone in the home must be on board with having a dogo and play a major role in their daily routines and training. Yes it is work, but the rewards are ten-fold! Lazy homes don't work for dogos as they need stimulation, exercise, and lots of attention too during their younger years. Our goal in rescue is to be as transparent as we can about each and every dog plus make sure new families really understand the needs of a dogo! We want everyone to understand that not all applications get approved because we know our dogs and know what is best for them. Our team puts a lot of effort into the rescue and care of our dogs and our ultimate goal is their stability and happiness! THANK YOU for your interest in ADOPTING!

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Pets in this Shelter

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Dogo Argentino

Hiiiii! My name is Chaplin aka Chappy! I am a 2 year old Dogo Argentino that is looking to find my forever home! I’m a big goofball and... show more

Hiiiii! My name is Chaplin aka Chappy! I am a 2 year old Dogo Argentino that is looking to find my forever home! I’m a big goofball and still working on my manners. It would be best for my new family to continue training with a professional as I’m really silly and kind of a clown. I recently completed my heart worm treatment and now slowly I am getting exposed to more things. I seem to be interested in cats but a proper introduction may be best. I am around other dogs but seem to do better with lady dogs. I’m working on my introductions with people as I’m kind of judgey.. some people I just love right away others I need to be around you for a little bit. I’m not aggressive just vocalize my opinion. I seem to warm up to woman quickly but some men I want to get to know more over a little bit of time. I am an awesome eater and do not turn down my food or snacks. I am a giant love bug and looking for someone who likes to be active but also spends time as a homebody. If you’re not looking to adopt, please share me so my new family can find me! My perfect home would have a big fenced in yard for me to play in, and no kids under 10 years old - I'm just too clumsy and I wouldn't want to knock anyone down! My profile may still say I am not neutered but that will change. I had to get through heartworm treatment first and will be snip snipped before my adoption! show less

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Dogo Argentino

Now located on the east coast, Lola is a 7 year old spayed female rescued from a shelter in Southern California.  Her owner surrendered... show more

Now located on the east coast, Lola is a 7 year old spayed female rescued from a shelter in Southern California.  Her owner surrendered her because they were moving out of state and couldn't take her with them.  They reported that Lola enjoyed being outside in their yard, was crate trained at night inside the house, enjoyed baths, and was good with kids.   While at the shelter, Lola won the hearts of all the volunteers and dog walkers! They reported that she is very friendly, affectionate, mellow and well-behaved.  She loves to be cuddled and scratched, and will roll over for belly rubs.  Lola has some basic obedience training, including leash walking, and does well in the car.  She loves walks and playing and has a medium energy level.  We are continuing to learn more about Lola as she is currently in her foster home. She needs training, but is food and treat motivated and willing to learn. She loves all people she meets, but is not too fond of other dogs.  She has never been around cats, but has a strong prey drive, so we think she should be the only pet in the home :)  Lola is a sweetheart that is looking for someone that can give her a lot of love and doesn't mind kisses!  This girl also enjoys posing for photo shoots! She is fantastic in the car and is willing to travel for the perfect home! show less

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Dogo Argentino

Regan is a 1.5 year old female Dogo who is doing wonderful in her foster home! Here is her BIO written by her foster sibling, the cat sh... show more

Regan is a 1.5 year old female Dogo who is doing wonderful in her foster home! Here is her BIO written by her foster sibling, the cat she adores! Help!  I'm a 16 year old cat and my Mom has a foster Dogo here that thinks I'm her BFF.  I'm 8 pounds.  Regan is 100 pounds.  The Pony comes bounding into the living room, and gives me a huge play bow.  She gooses me with her nose.  Such indignities!     Do me a huge favor, and make this dog come to your house.  Regan loves playing with all the dog toys, cat toys too.  Totally unacceptable!  I sit in the window and watch her play in the yard.  Leaping and bounding, racing and chasing, weird noises, way too much activity for me.    She'll be 2 soon.  Life for Regan hasn't been fun or easy, not much stability in her earlier life, and not much love either.  She needs a home with other rowdy dogs so she can burn off some energy.  Because of an unstable home life, some things in life induce panic.  Trip to the vet's office?  Sheer panic.  You leaving the house?  Separation Anxiety rears its ugly head.  She was prescribed Prozac, and that has been amazing.  I can now take my morning nap without interruption.   Still working on her acceptance of strangers.  If she is with other dogs, she is not afraid.  By herself?  Some people are very scary.  Treats and sort of ignoring her seems to help convince her otherwise.   Christmas is fast approaching, and so is my 17th birthday.  Adopting Regan would be a wonderful present for me.  Adopt her so she can play bow and goose your cat. show less

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Dogo Argentino

RIO IS MISSING FROM THE SAN ANTONIO, TX AREA.  We decided to keep his profile up to help spread the word.  We love all of our rescues an... show more

RIO IS MISSING FROM THE SAN ANTONIO, TX AREA.  We decided to keep his profile up to help spread the word.  We love all of our rescues and have put forth a lot of time and money in searching for him and will continue to do so until he is back with the rescue. Please keep an eye out for him on social media and locally if your in the San Antonio area.  Rio is looking for someone that will like to talk him on long walks so he can enjoy the fresh air and daydream about actually catching one of the squirrels that cross his path. He is a strong but obedient when directed by his assertive handler. Just like all male dogos, Rio loves to test his boundaries and needs to be reminded of his place in your pack! He understands commands and responds well to training and corrections.  He may look tough on the outside but he is a big mush when it comes to giving some love!  He also loves chews and squeaky toys! But his favorite item in the world is a security blanket that he takes everywhere, even when he goes outside to do a little sunbathing! Rio found himself a stray in Puerto Rico after Hurrican Maria and recently traveled to Texas with the family that helped him.  He is a 3 yo friendly neutered healthy Dogo Argentino that loves the older children (10+) in his life. He wants a home where he can run and play with his humans and other non-dominant dogs. Rio says he wants a family that will give him lots of lovins'!  If you want a shadow to follow you around, Rio says he loves doing that! Rio is described to be friendly, active, playful, smart, and affectionate by his current humans. Right now he is spoiled with a tasty raw diet that is making a big difference in his recovery after being a stray with no food after the hurricane.  His first home when he got to Texas had an intact male Cane Corso and the two didn't  seem to want to share the same territory. Rio arrived to the States in late February and now needs a home that better suits him. He is dog friendly but needs a home without another alpha dog. He sounds to be textbook Dogo in regards to his traits, personality, and handsome good looks!  Rio is housetrained, crate trained, not a digger, not a fence jumper, good with older kids (no toddlers), and good with meeting new people too! He is very well behaved and eager to learn and please his humans!  He is currently located near Houston, TX but willing to relocate.  Tranpsort can be arranged for the perfect home! Rio is a member of the DC Dogos Inc family and you can learn more about us and him at show less