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A Paw and A Prayer Dog Rescue

, TN, 37421

Rescue/Shelter Description

A Paw and A Prayer Rescue is the result of friends with a common bond - to help dogs that were abandoned, neglected and abused in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas. We are volunteers who work other jobs and in our "spare" time we bring dogs into our home setting and begin the adoption process. We are not funded by any organization and operate from our own resources and donations. We rely entirely on the generosity of friends and strangers. Some dogs come to us by owners who no longer want them or who can no longer care for them. Often owners surrender their pets to local shelters and there is a chance that their beloved pet could be euthanized. This is where APAAP comes into the picture - we try to help reduce the number of pets turned into shelters. We also try to help our local shelters by pulling abandoned adoptable pets into our foster program. As APAAP has grown we have initiated a Foster Parent Program. Without our foster parents we could not pull and rescue as many dogs as we do. If you are interested in helping us find out what you can do. Once they have been rescued they are vaccinated, treated for intestinal parasites, and are spayed or neutered. Many of our dogs require additional expensive medical treatment, for heartworms, broken bones, mange and other diseases.

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To adopt a dog please submit an adoption application and please allow up to 48 hours for a response. If you do not hear from us, please text the rescue at 423-598-2717.

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To inquire about volunteering with A Paw and A Prayer Dog Rescue, please email

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Okra (Okie)

Jack Russell Terrier

Okie’s info: Name: Okra (Okie) 24lbs Jack Russell terrier age: approx. 2 years  good with kids great with other dogs not sure about cats... show more

Okie’s info: Name: Okra (Okie) 24lbs Jack Russell terrier age: approx. 2 years  good with kids great with other dogs not sure about cats  Bio: My name is Okie and I’ve been living with my foster mom for the past couple of months while she helps me find a perfect home. She doesn’t really know what the first couple years of my life were like— we didn’t meet until she picked me up of the street when I was wandering confused one evening. I had fleas and needed a good bath and ear cleaning, but otherwise I was healthy and ready to meet my new foster family! As you can see, I am cute as a button, and I’m just as cute in my personality as in my looks (no need for me to be humble about it)! Like any terrier, I am smart, playful, and curious, and also a bit stubborn. For example, it took my foster mom about 3 weeks to teach me how to sit, which is the longest she’s ever had to spend! Now that I know it, though, I will do it whenever I hear the treat bag rustling. My ideal family would include a person or people who are willing and able to invest time and energy in my training, because I do love to learn, and I have a lot of talents! I would be great at canine sports like agility training, if I do say so myself.  One thing I love is my friends. I have many of them: my two foster siblings, my foster-foster sibling (that is, the other foster in the house), and all my neighbors, from a 5lb chihuahua and a 75lb shepherd. I love to play and although toys are great, nothing beats a good wrestling match with one of my besties. I would be happiest if I can live with another dog, or several other dogs! I also love kids, especially toddlers and young kids who can match my energy level. Cats? Not sure, but I’m willing to try! If they’re like everyone else, they’ll like me. :)  I need exercise and training, but most of all I need a loving, fun, patient home where I can be my goofy self and be the best friend you could ever ask for!  show less