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A Paw and A Prayer Dog Rescue

, TN, 37421

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A Paw and A Prayer Rescue is the result of friends with a common bond - to help dogs that were abandoned, neglected and abused in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas. We are volunteers who work other jobs and in our "spare" time we bring dogs into our home setting and begin the adoption process. We are not funded by any organization and operate from our own resources and donations. We rely entirely on the generosity of friends and strangers. Some dogs come to us by owners who no longer want them or who can no longer care for them. Often owners surrender their pets to local shelters and there is a chance that their beloved pet could be euthanized. This is where APAAP comes into the picture - we try to help reduce the number of pets turned into shelters. We also try to help our local shelters by pulling abandoned adoptable pets into our foster program. As APAAP has grown we have initiated a Foster Parent Program. Without our foster parents we could not pull and rescue as many dogs as we do. If you are interested in helping us find out what you can do. Once they have been rescued they are vaccinated, treated for intestinal parasites, and are spayed or neutered. Many of our dogs require additional expensive medical treatment, for heartworms, broken bones, mange and other diseases.

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To adopt a dog please submit an adoption application and please allow up to 48 hours for a response. If you do not hear from us, please text Liz at 423-320-8989

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To inquire about volunteering with A Paw and A Prayer Dog Rescue, please email

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Boston Terrier

💜 Highlights 💜 Niya, mixed breed female Medium size (current weight 37 lbs) Approximately 4-6 years old  Spayed Up-to-date on vaccinatio... show more

💜 Highlights 💜 Niya, mixed breed female Medium size (current weight 37 lbs) Approximately 4-6 years old  Spayed Up-to-date on vaccinations, including the ProHeart injection for heart worms, good through Sept 2023 Special Needs: fenced yard, patient adopters who will give her time to warm up as she will initially be scared meeting new people and transitioning to a new environment  No cats or other small animals Older children ONLY, solely because she will need time and space to acclimate to a new environment and younger children have a hard time understanding/respecting that.  House trained Favorite activities include playing with the herding ball, special treats like lick mats and kongs, and napping on the sofa  💜 More Details: 💜 Niya came to the rescue over two years ago after being rescued from a bad hoarding situation in Georgia. She had obviously had a rough start to life. EVERYTHING scared her. She supposedly spent most of her life in a single bedroom in a home overrun with dogs. She has multiple scars and a tiny spot on her ear missing, so she may have not been treated so nicely. The sight of things like a leash or a blanket being put on her would make her urinate on herself. She didn't even stand-up/walk for the first 4 days she was in her foster home. It was heartbreaking. However, since then she has made HUGE progress! Niya is the epitome of mixed breed. The Orivet DNA test says she is a mix of Boston Terrier, Rottweiler, Shetland Sheepdog, Alaskan Malamute, Korean Jingo and other mixed breeds. So as we would say in the south, she is a Heinz 57 or a pure bred mutt.  This girl is something else. She is so funny in her mannerisms and curiosity. Niya is still a little nervous around new people but in her foster home she is so very happy and fun! When new people visit, she likes her space but will quickly come around to check visitors out. After a little bit of time, she is usually nudging them for pets or giving tiny kisses.  She has learned to like the children who visit her foster's home, but since loud noises and sudden movements can still sometimes scare her she would do best in a home with older children only. She has never been aggressive but she does scare easily with new people/places. When transitioning into a new home, she is also going to need time and space and that is hard for younger children to understand. For those reasons, she needs a home with only older children.  She is now house trained and has learned to use the doggy door like a pro. She enjoys playing with toys. Her favorite toy is her herding ball and man is this girl fun to watch with it. Between her speed and her skill at maneuvering the ball, it is a sight to behold. She also enjoys a chew bone/toy occasionally and wrestling with her foster brother, a 20 pound jack russel mix. They often play and nap together. She lives in a foster home with four other dogs so as long as there is a proper introduction, she should do well with other dogs.   Although she started out being terrified of blankets, she now prefers to sleep snuggled up on one. She sometimes likes to sleep on a blanket at the foot of her foster's bed, on her foster's legs, or on the sofa in the den. When her foster is not home, she stays loose in the house without any issues. She comes and goes through the doggy door as she needs and has not destroyed anything in the house.  She now likes to be petted and will nudge you with her nose or paw to prod you if you aren't paying her enough attention. If you are sitting, she often likes to sit next to you. She has turned into quite the snuggle puppy.  It has taken a lot of patience, but Niya is no longer afraid of a leash and LOVES to go on walks. She's a little timid when the collar is put over her head (her foster uses a martingale collar) but she tolerates it in order to join in on the walk. She could definitely benefit from more leash training and practice, but she will now happily walk the neighborhood, enjoying almost all the sites and sounds...but mean ole trash cans at the street can still cause a little stress. She's come a long way, though, and will continue to make progress with the right person who can continue to work with her and practice.  Her ideal home would be with someone patient and willing to help her continue her healing journey. She would thrive with someone who is willing to continue with training as she is smart and seems to enjoy the challenge. If she could gain the confidence needed, maybe she would even enjoy some dog sports as she is super fast and a wiz with the herding ball. She had an extremely rough start to life. She has come a long way, but has been in foster for over two years now. She deserves her own home where she can be the star. Could you be her forever person/family? show less