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Paws Rescue League

, Bristol, CT, 06010

Rescue/Shelter Description

We are a group of dog lovers, who have many years experience in the rescue field. We want to make a difference in the lives of homeless, abandoned and neglected dogs. We strive to help save all breeds, and all ages. The number of healthy dogs that are euthanized all over the country is staggering. Our goal is to save these dogs who's time is numbered at the shelter, or a stray on the street or a dog dumped by their owner. Vet them and get them ready for adoption, and find them a family of their own. We feel each and every dog deserves a chance to have the best life possible. While we may not change the world with the work we are doing, we are changing the world for the dogs that we save. Paws Rescue League is a 100% volunteer run, foster based, non profit dog rescue, every person who works with us is a volunteer, including the founders of the rescue. Volunteers donate so many hours each week to help save unwanted, abused and stray dogs. And our fosters both in the south and the north open their home and hearts to these dogs, they show them love they've never experienced before, and work hard at getting them healthy and ready to go to their forever home.

Areas Served

New England

Adoption Instructions

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs please fill out the adoption application. You should hear back from us within 48 hours after sending in your application. I you are interested in fostering please fill out our foster application. If you would like to volunteer in another way please fill out our volunteer application. Please allow 48 hours for a response to your foster or volunteer application.

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For any questions or for additional information about our dogs
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Pets in this Rescue/Shelter

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White German Shepherd

We saved Arlo from a kill shelter, he was picked up as a stray and brought to Animal Control, he was given 3 days for his current owner... show more

We saved Arlo from a kill shelter, he was picked up as a stray and brought to Animal Control, he was given 3 days for his current owner to claim him (if he had an owner), or find a new adopter, or be saved by a rescue. Paws Rescue League works hard to save many dogs facing this situtation. Healthy, young good dogs are euthanized for space, as Animal Control needs to respond to calls about strays, so if they are full of dogs that no one claims, or adopts they would be unable to pick up any other dogs. We as well as the local Humane Society, and a few other rescues, work tirelessly to save these innocent dogs lives, who want nothing more than to be loved. Arlo is a bright light of happiness and joy! Even when in the scary shelter where he was unsure where he was or what would happen, he was trusting of everyon, and was as wiggly as a worm, and a hige smile on his face. He was just beaming with positivity. To think this beuatiful light could be extinguished soley because he was taken up a kennel is awful.   Arlo was temperament tested, and taken out of the shelter and placed in a TN foster home, where he got lots of love, and affection, and went to the vet for a physical exam, and HWT, neutered and vaccinated. Arlo will be making his way to New England next week ( 07/30/2022), and he is very excited to know whos waiting to meet him! When you see this boy, you cant help but to smile.   Arlo is a 10-12 month old, male,  White swiss shepard/husky mix, who weighs about 40lbs. When he was picked up by Animal Control is was clear he was very under weight and malnourished. His ideal weight should be about 55 -60lbs. He is crate trained, he has picken up on house breaking pretty well, our guess is he spent much of his short life on his own, outside, and eager to meet and interact with people. Arlo is good with other dogs, he has not been cat tested yet, he is good with children, we suggest older children as he is still learning all "indoor manners", and how to be the best FURbaby! show less

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Buddy, got her name when PRL saved her from the local kill shelter, where they had listed her as a male. We found out when we got her to... show more

Buddy, got her name when PRL saved her from the local kill shelter, where they had listed her as a male. We found out when we got her to the vet, Buddy was a she. All of her paperwork had already had the name Buddy, so we decided to keep her name as is.  Buddy came from a cruelty case, she was in a home, where the family was not taking care of their animals, and had too many animals, and they were all being neglected.  Buddy was very shy and timid when she first came to PRL, but after a few days, when she realized she was safe, and in a good place, she opened right up! Probably the first time she got to run around freely with other dogs, and just get to be a dog! Her smile and happiness was infectious! Just one look at her now, brings a smile to all of our faces. Buddy is a sweet little girl, with a gorgeous wavy/curly coat of fur, that she gets from the yorkie-poo in her. She has the build of a dacshund with her long body, short legs and narrow face, and big rounded ears. She is absolutely adorable. She came to us quite matted, and needed a groom, where we tried to keep as much hair on her as possible, but she ended up needing a lot more off at the time, so she got a cute lion hair cut! Buddy is crate trained, and has been working on being fully housebroken, she is also working on learning her basic commands. She is a sweetie, who loves all the other dogs, good with people and children, but she is shy and timid at first, she needs a minute until she realizes you are safe, and a good person. We suggest children a little older, 8 years and up, who can understand to give a dog space when needed. She would fit in with many families, but we think the best home for her would be one with another dog, and older kids or no kids, and medium active family ( one who will go for walks, or small adventures to the beach, and dog park).  show less